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Hollow Crown Parsnip

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Hollow Crown Parsnip
Pastinaca sativa

Description: This variety, grown in the early 1800s, and other parsnip varieties were common kitchen garden root vegetables.  They were often preserved by leaving the min the garden over winter to be dug in the early spring, or by storing in cellars in bins of sand for winter use.  Their flavor is improved by exposure to frost.  They were prepared by boiling, and were added to soups and stews.

Cultivation: Biennial. 105 days.  Sow seeds in early to mid-spring about 1 inch apart in drills ½ inch deep, rows 18 to 24 inches apart.  Do not allow soil to dry out prior to emergence.  Thin seedlings to 2-3 inches apart.  (Hint:  Parsnip seed is very slow to germinate—about 3 weeks.  Scatter a few, quick-sprouting radish seeds along the seed row to mark rows for easier weeding before parsnips emerge.)  Parsnips require a full season of growth and their flavor is brought on by freezing.  Some roots may be harvested after heavy frosts in late fall and the remaining crop left in the garden for digging as soon as the ground thaws in the spring.

Seed Source: Seeds are heldover from 2014. Germination rate: 85%