Colorful Flower Paper Envelope Craft Kit

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Sending a card or thank you note to a loved one? Add a special personal touch by making your own flower paper envelopes. Everything you need to create your own flower paper. 

Product Details:

  • Kit Includes: Flowers, wood frame, reusable cloth, sponge, 3x envelopes.
Additional Product Details

History of Flower Pressing: The official art of pressing flowers to form decorative images originated in the 1500s and is called Oshibana. The art of Oshibana uses pressed flowers, petals and other plants to create a detailed image. Through interaction between Japan and Europe, Oshibana became a popular art in the Victorian era. In the mid-1800s, discussions about flower pressing started appearing in texts and news reports all over the world. The unlimited resources and relative ease of flower pressing attracted middle-class and upper-class Victorian ladies who were looking for new ways to express themselves artistically and interact with the natural world. During this period, flower pressing evolved into much more than just an art form. It became a way to document, preserve and record new or unseen plants and save special memories.  

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