Game of Graces

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The Game of Graces is the perfect way to have fun while learning about history. This game is simple but sure to keep you entertained for hours. 

Product Details:

  • How to Play: opponents send light wooden hoops whirling towards each other to be caught on the tips of slender wands
  • Includes: 2 10" diameter solid bent wood hoops, 4 18" long solid birch wands, 8 lengths of colored ribbons
  • Age: 8+
  • Made in Vermont
Additional Product Details

History of the Game of Graces: Judging by children's books and store advertisements, this exciting outdoor game was enormously popular from the early 1800's throughout the 19th century, and it remains so in various forms today. In early forms of the game, young women would elegantly play by wrapping the hoops in ribbons with trailing ends, which served to slow the hoops' travel as well as cushion contact with the fingers. 

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