Cannon Mini Building Blocks

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This napoleon cannon building kit is the perfect activity to keep kids and adults occupied. You will create a finished figurine you are proud of and can even put on display or gift to a loved one. 

Product Details:

  • Final Project Measures: 8 5/8" x 3 3/4" x 2 7/8"
  • Age: 7+
  • 609 Pieces
  • Includes detailed assembly instructions
Additional Product Details

History of the 12 PDR Napoleon Cannon: The 12 PDR Napoleon Cannon was named after Louis Napoleon of France. It was adopted in 1857 by the United States Army as the US Army Model 1857 Light Field Howitzer. This gun fired a 12.3 lb projectile and had a maximum effective range of about 1,600 yards and could fire exploding projectiles and solid shot. The "12-pounder Napoleon" was used by both Confederate and Union armies because of its safety, reliabilty, and effectiveness at close range.

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