Old Sturbridge Village Calligraphy Craft Kit

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Learn to write your own piece of history with this kit that includes linen paper, a real quill feather, non-toxic ink, wooden block ink holder, and practice sheets in traditional upper- and lower-case alphabet.

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  • Age: 8+
  • Made in the USA
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History of Calligraphy: In the late 18th century, handwriting was a valued skill: it was essential for commerce, education, government as well as an important social tool. But unlike Europeans who still had to use specific hands for specific purposes (ladies used the italian hand, men used a round running hand, there was a style for government, and a style for commerce…), Americans only used one style – the round hand-, and they needed it to be both beautiful and practical. However, handwriting reflected social status : men who had an elegant, flourished hand were identified as gentlemen, and people who scribbled in a sloppy handwriting were not as “honorable”. Naturally, writing masters who could teach both elegant and practical styles with success were highly sought after.

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