Old Sturbridge Village Quilt Craft Kit

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Sewing small bits of fabric together and layering them to form a larger useful garment or bedding kept families warm for centuries. The colorful die cut fabrics create a 10”x10” square to use as a pillow or wall hanging. 

Product Details: 

  • Kit includes:  Pins, needles, thread, and assorted fabrics.
  • Beginner level
  • Finished dimensions:  10 x 10 square
  • Made in USA

History: The earlier 18th Century quilt style of the whole cloth quilt was still a quilt maker’s favorite. This style of quilt was made using several yards of a favorite fabric, and these quilts were often part of a coordinated set of bedroom furnishings consisting of bed quilt, bed hangings and window coverings including valances. Fabrics varied, and included calendared or glazed fabrics of wool, plain or floral printed calicos and muslins, and glazed chintz monochrome or polychrome prints. Fine woolen and plain colored cotton or linen quilts were heavily quilted in elaborate quilting designs, often with design motifs stuffed so the quilting would stand out in relief. In other quilts the fabrics, printed with ornate and colorful floral designs, dominate the quilt, and the quilting designs go unnoticed, the elaborate fabrics all but hiding the quilting stitches.

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